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A done-for-you social media content plan (personalized to YOUR specific niche) is the key to quickly creating posts on Instagram that deliver value and demand sales.

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What's all included:

An entire month's worth of content (specific to your niche) that will help you provide value, boost engagement, gain new followers, establish community, and sell more of whatever you promote on social media!

- Carousel posts with all of the photos, verbiage, hooks, and captions done for you. Seriously, you don't have to edit a thing in these templates if you don't want to!

- Prompt ideas for you to make personalized Reels or Instagram stories with - that people will actually want to watch, not just cheesy dance moves and trending audios!

- Stock photos for you to use as Reel covers (or with our ready-to-go captions) so your feed looks polished without even having to try.



What niches do you offer?

We currently offer content for 8 different niches. As a studio member, you'll have access to the pre-made, monthly content plans for all of them - that way you can grab ready-to-go content that delivers value in any of the genres you sell products in!

Click on any of the niches below to see an example of a monthly content grid:

Health & Wellness




Non-Tox Living


- Entrepreneurship

PLEASE NOTE: we do not work 1:1 with you to create content. You'll get access to pre-made content bundles that are specific to the 8 niches we currently offer. Also, due to the nature in which we provide content (aka an entire month's worth as soon as you log in!) no refunds will be given for any reason whatsoever.

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