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The Social Suite

An all-encompassing suite of 4 different products to help you transform your Instagram with a custom brand that feels more aligned with YOU! Check out each of the 4 products you'll receive access to:

1. The Brands:

Pre-branded template packs to transform your entire Instagram quickly! Simply pick out one of the vibes we’ve already curated, change the text/photos in your Canva templates, download and post away

  • Brand Board  a cohesive brand complete with: colors, a simple customizable logo, coordinating stock photos, background textures, and elements
  • 10 Reel Covers – completely customizable templates for adding text and photos to help your Reels look cohesive in your feed
  • 10 Feed Posts  square-sized templates with customizable text and photos for all your value adds, quotes, info, and more
  • 3 Feed Carousels – carousel templates that go beyond a stand alone image to help you convey more info and boost engagement
  • Insta Story Slides  graphics guaranteed to help "stop the scroll"
  • Insta Highlights  clean up your Instagram highlight bubbles with graphic series' for all your must have sections: Start Here, About Me, FAQs, and Products

2. The Grids:

Like a template for a new website, except for your entire Instagram feed! Access a library stocked full of mocked-up Insta grid designs for several niches, all with different vibes and colors you can customize to transform your feed. Each grid will show you how to lay out all of your posts in a cohesive way AND give you the Canva templates to customize each post with your own photos, colors, and fonts.

3. The Intensive:

Want custom branding to elevate your Instagram account but not ready to invest in 1:1 help? This self-paced course will teach you how to build your own brand from scratch, infuse it into templates, and then makeover your Instagram account for something truly personalized

  • Module 1 – Build Your Brand: Learn how to pick out a signature font, determine your brand colors, create a personalized logo, source stock photos, and take your own brand photography
  • Module 2 – Set Yourself Up In Canva: Build out your Brand Kit, add in templates to start customizing, and organize your content
  • Module 3 – Create Your Content: Infuse your brand into templates
  • Module 4 – Plan Out Your Content: Download your content, and organize all of your social media posts in a planner
  • Module 4 – Revamp Your Instagram: Swap out your profile picture and highlight covers, edit your bio, post “Insta Cover” banner, post Reels/feed posts/carousels

3. The Canva Class:

A mini-course teaching you all the basic tools and features of Canva so you can start creating content for social media without feeling overwhelmed

  • Mini lessons – learn all the basic Canva skills for creating, customizing, and saving graphics
  • Full tutorials – we’ll walk you through how we customize entire an graphic series quickly
  • Library – an ever-growing library we'll add any future Canva tips and tutorials into


  1. Is the done-for-you content in The Social Studio part of this? No! The Social Studio is our flagship membership offering graphics and templates for specific niches, direct marketing, and network marketing companies. That content is separate from this one-time purchase.
  2. Do I need Canva Pro for this? We strongly recommend having a Canva Pro account to utilize everything in The Suite the way it's designed. There are MANY things you can still learn and use without having it but there are templates and elements of our designs that do require it. We do offer a 30 day free trial for Canva Pro! 
  3. Do you offer refunds? Due to the nature in which all of the content is delivered (aka immediately upon purchase) we do not offer refunds for any reason.
  4. Do I need to be good at using Canva for this? No! You'll just need to start with our Canva Class before starting your rebrand or editing content templates!
  5. Is there an affiliate program for this? Yes! After purchasing The Social Suite, we can give you a personal link for you to share with friends. If someone purchases you'll receive 50% commission!!!